It is validating hearing from the players who knew and played for Father Bauer. They have started to send in messages after getting their copies of Father Bauer and the Great Experiment. Here are a few: 

Terry Caffery, Canadian National Team: It is a terrific read. Your research was amazing and your writing skills also terrific. I will gladly spread the word about your book and plug it every chance I get.

Stu Gibbs, UBC Thunderbirds: Just want to tell you how much I appreciate your fine effort in filling in such a gap in the literature of Canadian hockey. As one of many hockey guys who were touched by this exceptional man, I can say with absolutely no hesitation it's far better late than never that Father's contribution is so well described and acknowledged in such a fair-minded way.

- Terry O'Malley, Canadian National Team: Good job. ... The book reads well. Appreciate the effort.

- Barry MacKenzie, Canadian National Team: Just finished reading the book. You did great honour to FDB! Congrats.​

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