Booknet Canada surprised us in mid-January 2018, with its release of its list, "Celebrate the NHL Centennial with the top 100 hockey books." We were pleased to find DON'T CALL ME GOON: Hockey's Greatest Enforcers, Gunslingers, and Bad Boys​ on it. (We're #89 with a bullet!) Essentially, it's a list of the bestselling hockey books over the last five years in Canada. We're okay with that. Looking back, the week that we made the non-fiction bestseller list in Canada in ​The Globe & Mail was a highlight; at the time, we had some good placement in places like Costco. But you know what hockey book came out right after? Yep, the number one book on the list, Orr: My Story by someone named Bobby Orr. Here's a link to the full list.

For five years, from August 1985 to August 1990, Greg Oliver published The Canadian Wrestling Report newsletter. For the first time, all 61 issues of the CWR ​are available in electronic format. Click here to learn more and order your copies.

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