My new book, Gratoony the Loony, written with Gilles Gratton, has already had a number of reviews, from publications big to small. Publishers Weekly, an influential trade magazine, called it a "quirky memoir" and "honest, open, and fun." My favourite sentence might be from the Winnipeg Free Press review by Sheldon Birnie: "Those with an interest in the wilder and woollier days of professional hockey’s history will surely enjoy Gratton’s conversational (and, at times, rather crude) tone and delight (or recoil in horror) at his antics, both on and off the ice." So read it if you dare!

For five years, from August 1985 to August 1990, Greg Oliver published The Canadian Wrestling Report newsletter. For the first time, all 61 issues of the CWR ​are available in electronic format. Click here to learn more and order your copies.

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