Run with the Bull: Three Generations of Sports and Entertainment

By Eric Johnston and Greg Oliver, with Joseph Casciaro

Run with the Bull cover

On November 14, 2023, Eric Johnston posted this note to Facebook, announcing our book, Run with the Bull:

I don’t know where to begin on this because I’m not sure that it was something that I ever thought I’d be writing…

For the last year I’ve been secretly writing a book.

I’ve partnered with Greg Oliver who is a legendary and celebrated sports writer who has written 20 books and has been a wrestling and sports writer for decades as well as the producer of I met him when he wrote my father’s obituary and attended his funeral in 2003.

Over a year ago Greg approached me and said “I look at your life and there is a book here.”

The book details the life stories and careers of my grandfather Ron “Bull” Johnston, my father Danny “Bullwhip” Johnston and my journey into show business following in the footsteps of the giants who walked before me.

There’s stories and interviews from wrestling legends and even some of my dads buddies from the east end of Hamilton.

The book is both heartbreaking and hilarious. It is a story of massive victories and shattering defeats. The book talks about love and loss, addiction and pain and travels many highways across North America and as far as Japan. More important it tells a tale of many roads leading back to Hamilton, Ontario.

One of my longest friends and one of the most talented people I know The Works of Matt Ryan has designed the front and back covers and they are simply the most beautiful pieces of art I’ve ever seen. I look at it and see my city and see my story and that’s all I’ve ever wanted to get out there.

This book is the most important thing I’ve done in show business and I am so privileged and honoured to share it with everyone who’s Run with the Bull

“Run with the Bull: 3 Generations of Sports & Entertainment” will be available to pre order before Christmas and available in the new year. Followed by a massive book launch and celebration in Hamilton.

We will announce more when the book is finished!

For more on Eric Johnston, see his website.


Bullwhip Danny Johnston — Eric’s father — was one of the first to truly let me see behind the scenes of pro wrestling, lifting the veil; another was Wayne Cassibo, who was referee Wayne Cashman, and my first book, The Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame: The Canadians, is dedicated to Wayne. Danny came to that book launch too.

I did a story on Danny’s career with Bullwhip Danny Johnson followed father into the ring and then another when he died: Ontario will miss Bullwhip Johnson.

I’m not sure it was the first wrestling-related funeral that I went to, but it was certainly one of the first. That was when I first met Eric, who was only 13 years old. Facebook helped us stay in touch years later, and, well, here we are with a book coming out.

It’s a unique book, shifting perspectives a bit, but it works.

I can’t wait to share it with you all!