You know what would be impossible? To list all my media appearances. I have been very fortunate to have been in print, on the radio, on television, and, more recently, on podcasts and streams.

I know I went to a taping of Romper Room as a kid, but have no idea if I ended up on air. Then, when I was a Cub Scout, I interviewed Betty Clay, daughter of Scouting’s founder Lord Baden-Powell, on the local cable access show in Kitchener, Ontario. (Man, I wish I had that tape!)

As the teenager publisher of The Canadian Wrestling Report, there were newspaper stories (one even went national through Canadian Press), and a few radio and TV spots that I barely remember. One was with Tito Monte on CKCO-TV in Kitchener.

Along the way, I became some sort of talking head for TV  shows and documentaries about pro wrestling.

This is by no means a complete list, and, since I worked at a newspaper / website, words in print would be in the bajillions (exaggerate much?)…​​​


  • Sweet Daddy Siki – I was the writer on this 2017 documentary, directed by Harvey Glazer, and did so much more, including appearing on screen. Best to jump to for my story about it: Mat Matters: Sweet Daddy Siki documentary was a personal journey
  • Tiger! – This 2005 doc, directed by Lalita Krishna, is about Tiger Jeet Singh. I’m a talking head in it and once was recognized on a Toronto bus from my appearance. The other story that I have often told is when I got out to Tiger’s house for the first time, his wife kept looking at me funny, trying to figure out where she knew me from … the documentary, which apparently Tiger Jeet liked to watch!
  • The Sheik – The 2014 documentary, directed by Igal Hecht, got a lot of attention, as well it should. It’s about the Iron Sheik (Khosrow Vaziri) and the ups and downs of his life. I’m a talking head in it, and, for the record, was paid in pizza for my appearance.
Greg’s appearance on Autopsy: The Last Hours of… Chris Benoit was filmed at his Toronto home.


  • Autopsy: The Last Hours of… Chris Benoit was a UK-based series. They shot in my house, with the director on the computer from England. It aired on March 15, 2020, and I’ve never seen it. How do I look?
  • Jane Hawtin Live on WTN Network. They knew where to look for nerds — at the Toronto Sun‘s website! I was a last-minute call-in to talk about Star Trek and Gene Roddenberry’s Earth: Final Conflict in September 1997.