The Toronto Maple Leafs Contracts and Historical Documents from the Collection of Allan Stitt

By Greg Oliver

From Allan Stitt: 

“Just got a voicemail message from Bobby Orr! He said he really enjoyed the book and thought the stories were really interesting. Not every day you get a voicemail message from Bobby Orr!”

Jeff Sammut, Fan 590  (full interview)
“This is a fantastic book. I love it. Written in Blue & White. Every Leaf fan out there has to have this book, there’s just no doubt about it. Through this book, you can look back at the history of the Toronto Maple Leafs over the last century. Written in Blue & White, written by Greg Oliver, who did an outstanding job on the incredible Leafs collection of Allan Stitt.”

Mick Kern, Sirius XM’s The War Room (full story)

“This is an impressive collection of Toronto Maple Leafs minutia. The perfect gift for Leafs’ fanatics (is there any other kind?), hockey historians, and budding lawyers. Stitt took the path less travelled, and collected hockey contracts, and letters, and other often neglected parts of hockey history, and that is to our benefit. Included are some contract facsimiles, including one for Teeder Kennedy. A simply gorgeous book.”

Hockey Blog In Canada (full story)

If you’re a fan of hockey history, the Maple Leafs, or interested in contracts in some way, Written In Blue & White needs to be part of your reading collection. There are so many interesting facts and anecdotes on the pages that Mr. Oliver writes, but even more on the pages from Mr. Stitt’s collection that Mr. Oliver has documented. Written In Blue & White is well-written and contains a ton of history on its 192 pages

Lance Hornby, Toronto Sun (full story)“Fascinating catalogue of Leafs contracts, hand-written letters, photos, training-camp itineraries, official trade paperwork, business receipts, job resumes and lineup cards. Punch Imlach’s papers are a hoot, exchanging barbs with holdouts at camp, curfew-breakers and players irate with him for various reasons. Stitt’s documents cover the 1920s up to the ’90s.”

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On October 6th at Shoeless Joe’s in downtown Toronto, there was a book launch for four different ECW Press hockey titles, including two from Greg Oliver. Good times were had by all. In the photo above, Greg speaks to the crowd.