Growing up, I didn’t read fiction. Instead, I devoured non-fiction, especially about sports and movie monsters. (Though, I suppose comics, both comic books and collections of newspaper strips count as fiction if we’re being technical.)

So, imagine how surreal it is to consider someone like Brian McFarlane a friend and that he considers me a peer in the writing business.

Yes, I have to pinch myself often.

In short, I got a little tired about writing about professional wrestling, so the editor and ECW Press and I sat at lunch bouncing ideas around, and the result was Don’t Call Me Goon: Hockey’s Greatest Enforcers, Gunslingers, and Bad Boys, which came out in September 2013, co-written with Richard Kamchen (who I knew through my SlamWrestling.net website). Fighting in the ring to fighting on the ice was not that much of a stretch. From there, it’s been a bit of a whirlwind. I’ve written hockey stories for The Society for International Hockey Research (SIHR), The Hockey News, and had six books on hockey published, including the odd angel/devil combination in 2017, with an extensive biography on Father David Bauer, a priest who was involved in the Canadian National Hockey program, and Gilles “Gratoony the Loony” Gratton, a crazy, no holds barred autobiography of one of the most unique characters ever to lace on skates.

Grab your own skates and stick, and hit the ice to check out:​

So, where do you go from here?