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Book #20 is now for sale, at Amazon. It’s called Run with the Bull: Three Generations of Sports and Entertainment. I worked with comedian Eric Johnston on it, and had some help from Joseph Casciaro. It is available online and at Eric’s many, many shows. I’m proud of this one, as it goes back to the 1950s for the story of Eric’s grandfather Bull Johnston, who was a wrestler and promoter in Hamilton, Ontario, and then to Eric’s Dad, “Bullwhip” Danny Johnston (who was a friend of mine), and all kinds of other things too, including the deepest dive into the movie Blood & Guts yet. For more details, see the Run with the Bull page.

Run with the Bull cover



Besides writing books, I have been hired often to help lay out and edit books. The most recent one I did was a lot of fun, since I’m also a big Toronto Argonauts football fan.

Dan Giancola was a kicker in the Canadian Football League, without ever playing in college, making his story quite unique. Then on top of his time with the Argos, Ottawa Renegades, BC Lions, and even, briefly, with the Buffalo Bills in the NFL, he’s lived a full, complicated life. He teamed with Perry Lefko (who I’ve known for 30+ years) to write his memoir, Be That One: Why Does It Have To Be Someone Else, Why Not Me? It has plenty of ups and downs, and some real health scares too.

Perry and Dan had me put the book together, and then I held Dan’s hand as he launched it on Amazon.

Dan has a truly infectious personality, so perhaps it’s best to crib one of his Facebook posts:

Dan Giancola is feeling grateful with Perry Lefko and 9 others at Bto Performance 106 Ormond Street Thorold Ontario

OMG!!!! #BE_THAT_ONE is the NUMBER #1 BEST SELLER in football biographies with over 1000 books SOLD in less than 24 hours!!! NUMBER 1 in HOT NEW RELEASES in football biographies!!! Words cannot express my gratitude for everyone this means so much to me!!! I’m looking to everyone’s SELFIE’S with your official copy!!! My heart is full I hope your proud of me PA!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #blessed #grateful #bestdayever #gratitude #unstoppable #dreamscometrue

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