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WE’RE NO. 1! WE’RE NO. 1!

I hadn’t really been paying attention to sales for Gibby, but on March 21, 2023, I poked into Amazon.ca and there we were #1 in Baseball Biographies. Alas, that was not the case on Amazon.com. But hey, we always knew that the biggest market for the book would be Canada.

However, over there on Amazon.com, The Woman Who Would Be King WAS No. 1 in Motor Sports Biographies. Wild.

I do want to point out that, while it’s all well and good to be excited about a No. 1 book, the fact is that Amazon does not release its metrics, so that could mean that a book sold 10 copies to be #1, or it could be 1,000. Let’s hope on the latter!




This article was a LONG time coming — it’s a lengthy feature at Sports Illustrated about Rocky Johnson’s five unacknowledged children, which ran on June 30, 2022. In the story, you’ll meet Lisa, Adrian, Aaron, Paula and Trevor. They are all half-siblings to each other, and to Dwayne, Wanda and Curtis. It’s quite the story, one I worked on for more than a year. You can read the article — Finding Rocky’s Family — and check out the complimentary story that I wrote up at SlamWrestling.net: Mat Matters: Hard truths on Rocky Johnson.


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